Your spiritual and physical well-being is my priority. 

To assist with protecting you and reducing the spread of the

Coronavirus (COVID-19), our April and May 2020 Annual District Meetings

are postponed until further notice.


May the peace of God rest, rule, and abide with you 

until we are able to meet again.

Bishop Daniel Littleton

Our Mission


The Mississippi Southern First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ

is One Body, engaging all members to build relationships by interconnecting ministries across

district boundaries and enhancing community awareness through community involvement,

while supporting all programs of the Jurisdiction.

W E  A R E  O N E  B O D Y  I N  C H R I S T

Our Vision


To unify the ministry through Christian education, as well as, social and spiritual development,

while focusing on our heritage, faith, fellowship, and future.

"Saints of God, let's keep the unity, allowing no division among us!"

Bishop Daniel Littleton

J O I N  U S  F O R  T H E S E 

Upcoming Events




C h u r c h   O f   G o d   I n   C h r i s t

Bishop Daniel Littleton



Phone: 888.647.3614


Address: P.O. Box 2508  |  Jackson, MS 39207

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Mississippi Southern First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction COGIC