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MSFEJ Business Experts Who Can Help With Disinfecting

Bishop Daniel Littleton Establishes Food Security Program to Assist Jurisdictional Members Impacted By COVID-19

Thank You

Food Security Program Sponsors

Bishop Daniel Littleton

Missionary Gail Grass Fulgham

Missionary Iris Barnes

Missionary Katricia Lewis

Sister Dorothy Jones

Missionary Valeria S. Wright

Luxy Life, LLC.

Sister Cassandra Johnson

Missionary Sylvia Ross

Missionary LaFrieda Coleman

Dr. Ailean Stingley

Sister Bobbie Patterson

Missionary Vera L. Walker

Mother Gloria Mosley

Missionary Deborah Stanton

Sister Onita Scales

Superintendent Jerry Walker

Liberal Trinity COGIC

Pastor C.J. Bolton

Sister Angelia McSwain

Sister Melissa A. Young

Dr. Bridget Plair

Sister Carolyn Ballard

Brother Gregory West

Sister Gertrude Shaw

Admin. Assist. Abraham Jones, Sr.

Salvation Hill COGIC

Assistant Supt. George Sanders

Missionary Blanche Sanders

Sister Theresa Warner

Sister Alice L. Jefferson

Missionary Modena Price

Missionary Ada McGill

Beverly Brown

District Missionary Barbara Gray

Sister DeJonnette King

Greater Deliverance COGIC-Byram

To request food assistance, please email


"God is good!  It really blessed my heart."

“OMG, Bishop Littleton!  I really, really appreciate it.”

Food Security Program Recipient


C h u r c h   O f   G o d   I n   C h r i s t

Bishop Daniel Littleton



Phone: 888.647.3614


Address: P.O. Box 2508  |  Jackson, MS 39207

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Mississippi Southern First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction COGIC